Lonely in Azeroth

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After a couple of weeks of halfheartedly trying to get back on track with my WoW gamingĀ  I realize that the problem isn’t that I’m so far behind with my enchanting or my fishing, or that I don’t have enough money for my epic flying mount. The problem is, that even with several thousand players in Azeroth…. I feel lonely. I mean, I am a warlock so I have my pet, but Khazzem is not much of a talker. It’s the harsh reality, suddenly I’m 13 years old, new at school and trying to find a place to sit in the school cafeteria. Most of my old guildies have moved on, and even though we keep in touch through a chat channel, it is often very silent and people are busy doing other stuff. I run around Northrend on my Dreadsteed killing mobs here and there but it just doesn’t give me that satisfaction as it used to. Where is everybody? Have all reached level 80 and are raiding with their great guilds?


At university a couple of friends and I managed to create a guild and play every Monday after school, it was perfect. We were five, each picked a specific class, we had tank, healer and dps in perfect balance. We also picked different professions so we could help each other craft things and we did instances and quests always together. Like most good things it didn’t last, it was the usual, we had the hard-core gamers that wanted to play more and the not so enthusiastic that actually were playing just for fun (hehe, you would think that is the reason everybody would play a game). So we joined a larger guild and then the circle of friends in perfect balance was dispersed. It is funny how in a large group of people one can feel so lonely, but for me it killed the fun, I didn’t know anybody, and was known by nobody. It just got impersonal.

But, to remedy my loneliness I decide to put my 70 warlock on hold and make a priest. In my experience priests are popular, you would get invites to instances high and low and everybody would want to invite you to their guild. The only problem, for me, is, the priest class has always been my nemesis. I think during the time I’ve played WoW I’ve must have created at least 20 priests that I’ve never got over level 20. I would really want to have a shadow priest at level 40 at least, but they are so boring in the start, but what the heck I give it a try.

As you may have guessed it gets boring. I had forgotten how low level groups tend to be full of newbs that make it impossible to do any low level instance, it just isn’t worth the hassle. The game is fun in its self, but really, the forte of WoW is the socialization, if you don’t make friends you might as well be playing off-line. So I give up. I decide to move my main to another server where I have high level friends and join their guild in the hope of being raiding sometime soon…. as soon as I get to level 80. It feels quite sad to leave my old server, I have to disband the guild that I once created and leave the idea of ever bringing it back to its time of glory. Good bye cruel realm!

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