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I am like the sea turtle that has swum for hours and now arises to the surface to catch my breath. For about a month I have been submerged in the world of The Sims 3 and thesims3.com Of course, I have eaten, I have gone to work every week day, I’ve fed my cat, emptied her cat box and I have occasionally attended a social event, but otherwise I’ve been glued to my computer playing the game. Finally, after months of waiting for the delayed release, reading up, calculating trait combinations and finding TS2 meaningless due to the knowledge that TS3 was soon going to be released.


Since many of the things promoted by EA tend to have more bling than real content, I enter The Sims 3 world with mixed feelings, of curiosity and skepticism. Soon I find myself being totally fascinated by the large customization options in CAS, specially the option to make fat sims. And I’m not talking about a bit healthily chubby fat option like the one in TS2, which made us regular humans look enormous. I’m talking real life, full figured, curvaceous fat sims! From going from a mainstream barbie-doll sim in TS1/TS2 this really gives you potential to create all the type of sims you can think of. It takes me a while to get past the CAS actually and I spend days trying out different trait combinations and trying to make the personalities reflect on their looks. I go ahead and do the usual things, like creating a sims-self and my husband, I’m really disappointed that I can’t regulate the length of a sim, since one of our characteristics as a couple is that he is quite tall and I’m a bit on the short side. Of course, we turn out much better and young looking than IRL, it was all idyllic and boring so I create our negative counterparts.

The community is quite active and I chip in with my quota of complaints as everybody else. To my surprise a lot of players are quite upset with the new game mode and the so called story progression feature. I secretly love these them, although I admit it was a bit strange to get adjusted to it after playing TS2 for so long. The sims community has always been known for being very creative and even though the modders and mesh-creators have disappeared (hopefully they will be back soon), the builders are thriving. As it is right now I do not even bother to look in the Exchange, unless for patterns and buildings. The landscaping is fantastic and one can really be creative with the tools together with some few cheat codes.

All is fun and dandy this far, but when I am building my first great mansion I find myself unable to decorate all the rooms in detail. I am quite the pedant in decorating and I like making each room different from the other, I admit the customization of the items help a lot here, but if you put the same items with different colors/patterns in all the rooms it is still the same items. There is not even one single vase in the whole decorations department! Further, some real classics are missing, where is the hot-tub for the spa area? Where is the piano for the music room? What about the Hula lamp? It turns out that you can buy the Hula lamp from The Store, but I’m reluctant to buying anything from The Store just yet, there is something fishy about it. It is no big secret that EA is out to make the most money as possible, the question is whether they will play dirty or fair. I get the feeling that if I spend all my simpoints now on things, they might come with a future EP that I may want to buy anyhow in the future. So I will just wait, and see. Lets see who can outsmart who on this!

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  1. Every time a game where you have to buy parts of it as downloadable content I die a little on the inside.

    It’s even worse when it feels like they made a game with content that they’ve could’ve sold as a product, instead went “hey, let’s take out 20% and make our customers pay extra for it!”

  2. Everything dynamic and very positively! :)

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