This is the beginning is the end is the beginning

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I wake up in Shattrah, it looks deserted and lonely, not a night elf nor a human are seen anywhere. I’ve always liked the mornings because of the calm of not having to deal with people, only me, my wand and the fields, but this feels spooky. My guild has been disbanded, I’m the only remaining member, but I can’t let go, the sense of responsibility and nostalgy makes me stick to it. What once was something to be proud of is now an empty shell of old memories.


I mount on my Snowy Gryphon and find the bank to get on with my business, so many items that I’ve saved and collected are now worthless, some things I don’t even remember what I was planning to do with. I fill my bags with some of the items and go and sell them at the Inn. I soon realize that I’m not totally alone, some one is lfg for any heroic through the trade channel, of course there are also the regular jokers that are quick to respond “lfg sleep” or some other pointless lines. Another is lf enchanter, which I remind myself that I am, I SHIFT-click on the player and see that it’s a level 80. Hmm, it’s been a while, I’m only level 70 and I never maxed my enchanting skill, I have a lot to catch up. I decide to take a portal to Stormwind to check the Auction House and see what mats I can find.

How deserted Azeroth mat feel it doesn’t take long until I get whispered by some un-pronounceable human that wants to sell me gold, I guess not much has changed after all.

Back in Stormwind everything feels better, the old music, the green trees and sense of happyness that surrounds the city reminds me of the old days with the guild. I mount my Dreadsteed and I feel invinsible again, I’ve always prefered it to the flying mount. I guess getting the Dreadsteed through the quest chain was more satisfactory than grinding gold for the flying mount, which by the way now is worth very little. I look at my enchanting tab and remember that it was the Fel Iron Rod I needed to get last time I was here, I wonder how much I’ll have to pay for one of those now.

Standing in the AH an arrogant night elf looks at my gear and laughs, commenting about my Frozen Shadoweave set. I worked so hard to grind the mats for those pieces of gear, maybe that is what killed the fun of the game, the grinding for those primal waters.

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